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Hey! I'm Simon Shih of AmazeRoam!

It is not a traveling company here, but I have some thoughts and wanted to share some photos and posted them on AmazeRoam. People could see and enjoy others' lifestyles and what their story is. That's all.

If you have some impressive stories with photos or videos you want to share, you could contact me.
Future will add many other stories about foods and some places, so you won't miss anything if you want to visit there. Have fun!

First, share the inspiration of many people's dreams.

When you on vacation, you might visit some of the most incredible artisans and homestay artisans that exist in the world today. While there is much to see and do in Paris, Rome, or London, these destinations can only offer so many artisans and artisans who will create works of art for the pleasure of their fellow human beings. When you're traveling on vacation, it's tough to find a novel experience to add to your bucket list of world travel experiences. So, how about visiting Italy and checking out one of Italy's most famous artisans, the Homestay in Venice? Traveling with a group of friends to a Homestay in Venice can provide an artistic and historical exploration of Italy's most photographed area. The most famous artisans in the world will often sell their work through the hotel where you are staying, but it can also be fun for travelers to look for their unique pieces.

Most travelers have their idea of what is a beautiful piece of art. This kind of experience will allow you to have a custom-made and provide you with the opportunity to see the quality of work that the artisans bring to their art. The larger the artistry of the piece, the more time and effort put into it by the artisan. And if you are touring Europe and visiting museums, galleries, and other art establishments, you will witness art creation on a smaller scale and in a more personal setting.

When you are traveling to other parts of Europe, you can look at the magnificent cathedrals such as the Catacombs of Paris and the Basilica di San Miniato in Rome. In addition, museums such as the National Gallery in London or The British Museum in Manchester, The Louvre in Paris, and The Metropolitan Museum in New York City, are beautiful destinations to view when traveling to Europe. In addition, cities like Florence and Rome are known for the rich culture and tradition infused through their streets. Besides all these famous sites, when you travel to the Mediterranean, you will find beautiful beaches along the shores of the Ionian Sea.

When you are traveling to the United Kingdom, you can visit Stonehenge. It is one of the most popular attractions that people travel from far and wide to see. It is also one of the oldest places of pilgrimage in the world.

During your travels to Italy, you can stop by Venice. Many beautiful museums in Venice showcase Italian culture, art, and music. Visiting this place during your stay in Italy will allow you to participate in some of the most important art events in Europe each year.

You are looking for your deep impressed when you are visiting Paris, and there is a lot to see in this beautiful city. The Portrait de la Musée des Beaux-arts is an excellent place for a family to visit. It is a museum that houses almost two million antique items. Many people from around the world visit this museum each year.

Some other attractions that you will want to see while visiting Paris include the Arch of Triumph, Eiffel Tower, and Louvre. These things are sure to make your trip to France an enjoyable experience. If you plan on staying for a few days, there is plenty to do and see when you are in this beautiful country. You can even take in a nice dinner on your way out!